What is involved in a First Aid Course?

So, you have begun your search to find a suitable training provider to deliver your first aid course. Whether you found us searching ‘first aid course near me’ or your colleague informed you about us, you are definitely at the right place. First Aid training serves multiple purposes. Quite possibly you require a certificate to be able to work? perhaps you are a grandmother and will be taking care of the kids over summer? Or maybe you have always been interested in first aid. Either way, we will now outline what is involved in a first aid course.

Before attending

Our first aid courses require you to complete pre-course learning. Mainly consisting of videos and multiple choice questionnaires. A great feature of our pre-course learning is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home and even better, you can stop and start as you like. This means you can turn on the kettle and pour yourself a cuppa, how convenient! The pre-course learning generally takes 1-3 hours depending on your course. 

What happens at the course?

You have now made it to the most exciting part. Your first aid course! On the day of your course you will have a practical assessment. Your trainer will first demonstrate how to perform a task. You will then have multiple opportunities to practice and ask questions. The practical assessment takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on your course. There is no need to feel stressed or anxious. All our trainers were once students and completely understand how it feels to be in an assessment environment. Our commitment is to make you feel comfortable and most importantly learn the vital skills to save a life! 

How do i book into a first aid course?

Few! You now understand exactly what is involved. Now it’s time to book yourself into one of our courses.

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